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Live your legacy

Private fitness and training club located in Guilderland, NY.

What separates us?

Legacy Fitness Club is a privately owned fitness facility in Guilderland, New York. What sets it apart is not only its wide range of fitness and cardio equipment but also the unique sense of community and family-like atmosphere it offers. The Club caters to a diverse group of individuals including, athletes, general population, powerlifters, strong men/women, and bodybuilders. One of the standout features of Legacy Fitness Club is its commitment to staying current and innovative. Owner, Chris Wertman, constantly seeks to provide the best equipment and facility for the members. His creativity has led to recent projects such as outdoor turf and mirrored area, adding to the variety and functionality of the club's offerings. In addition to its exceptional fitness amenities, Legacy Fitness Club hosts several exciting events. The club is home to the Legacy Basketball League, Battle of the Beasts Fundraiser, Kowalski Kups, and The Legacy Company. Overall, Legacy Fitness Club is an up-and-coming facility that offers a wide range of fitness equipment and caters to various fitness goals and interests. With its strong sense of community, commitment to innovation, and exciting events, the club provides an engaging and motivating environment for individuals seeking to improve their fitness and achieve their goals.

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The higher purpose podcast

Brandon Peda and Chris Wertman deep dive into all things Health, Fitness, and Wellness to help educate their audience learn to navigate through the industry and filter through the myths and confusion. Through there experiences and authenticity, they share stories that the common guy and gal will resonate with, learn something from and empathize with.

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Ken P.

"Legacy is a great gym to come in and lift weights no matter your skill level. Anyone from a beginner to a experienced lifter will feel comfortable and inspired by the Chris and the community he has created. I look forward to my workouts they help give me energy and drive me through my day."

Alyssa C.

"Legacy Fitness Club has changed my life for the better. In the past 5 months, my body has changed in ways, i didn’t know was possible. This gym is immaculate in cleanliness, & positive vibes. I will never exercise anywhere else!!!!"

James M.

"Great experience to healthier lifestyle. People friendly and helpful. High quality equipment and clean environment. I used to go to other gyms and this is so much better. The owner Chris is excellent and always there to coach or help build you a personalized plan. This place rocks!!!"

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